Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access® is a relational database management system from the Microsoft Office® suite of applications that uses a relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools.

Hyperlearning Technologies offer Microsoft Access® classes that are available in 4 different levels:

  • The Microsoft Access level one course is where students will learn basic database skills and how to work with data in tables and queries.
  • The Microsoft Access level two course is where students will learn to enhance their database designs by using the principles of data normalization and table relationships.
  • The Microsoft Access level three course is where students will create complex Access databases using forms, reports, and macros.
  • The Microsoft Access level four course is where students will learn remote database management, XML data exchange, and automating business processes by using VBA code

Microsoft Access® Classes

CLASS NO. CLASS TITLE - (Click on title below for course outlines)
HLT 84306 Access 2010 Level 1
HLT 84307 Access 2010 Level 2
HLT 84308 Access 2010 Level 3