Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word® is a word processing application written and distributed by Microsoft. It features document creation, tables, formatiing features such a styles and themes.

Hyperlearning Technologies offer Microsoft Word® classes that are available in 3 different levels:

  • The Microsoft Word level one course is where students will use Microsoft® Office Word to create, edit, format and print documents.
  • The Microsoft Word level two course is where students will learn to create or modify complex business documents using building blocks, columns, sections and other efficiency tools.
  • The Microsoft Excel level three course is students learn to manage lengthy documents, collaborate with others, and secure documents.

Microsoft Word® Classes

CLASS NO. CLASS TITLE - (Click on title below for course outlines)
HLT 84582 Word 2010 Level 1
HLT 84583 Word 2010 Level 2
HLT 84585 Word 2010 Level 3