Course ID: 91081

Course Length: 26 hours

Course Description:
Powershell is a command-line shell where administrators run command-line utilities. The Microsoft GUI consoles execute Powershell commands behimd the scenes. A GUI is fine for one time tasks that you can click through but a GUI does not allow you to automate a repetitive task or create a process that the GUI does not enable well. Powershell allows you to take full control for yourself. In this course you will learn how to run commands and create your own commands.

Target Student:
The target student is any Administrator that want to learn to automate and run commands in Powershell.

Familiarity with Windows Server

Delivery Method:
Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Content

This class is taugh using the book "Learn Windows Powershell in a month of Lunches" by Done Jones and Jeffery D. Hicks

Lesson 1: Before you begin

Lesson 2: Meet Powershell

Lesson 3: Using the Help System

Lesson 4: Running Commands

Lesson 5: Working with Providers

Lesson 6: The pipeline,connecting commands

Lesson 7: Adding commands

Lesson 8: Objects:data by another name

Lesson 9: The pipeline,deeper

Lesson 10: Formatting - and why it's done on the right

Lesson 11: Filtering and comparisons

Lesson 12: A practical interlude

Lesson 13: Remote control:one to one, and one to many

Lesson 14: Using Windows Management Instrumentation

Lesson 15: Multitasking with background jobs

Lesson 16: Working with many objects, one at a time

Lesson 17: Security Alert

Lesson 18: Variables: aplace to store your stuff

Lesson 19: Input and output

Lesson 20: Session: Remote control with less work

Lesson 21: You call this scripting?

Lesson 22: Improving your parameterized scripts

Lesson 23: Advanced remoting configuration

Lesson 24: Using regular expressions to parse text files

Lesson 25: Additional random tip, tricks, and techniques

Lesson 26: Using someone else's script

Lesson 27: Never the end

Lesson 28: Pwershell cheat sheet