Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects

Level 2

Course ID: HLT 5928

Course Length: 3 days

Course Description:
This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close enterprise projects by using the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 enterprise tool.
This is the second course in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 Official Curriculum series and covers the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution.

Target Student:
This course is intended for experienced project managers and schedulers. These individuals are capable of managing projects in the Microsoft Office Project 2007 EPM environment, including project and non-project efforts, risks, issues, documents, task progress, and timesheets. These individuals should be familiar with key project management concepts and terminology found in the Project Management Institute's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), Third Edition, and advanced knowledge and use of Microsoft Office Project 2007.

This course requires that students meet the following prerequisite:

  • Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Managing Projects Level 1

Delivery Method:
Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Performance-Based Objectives :
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Get started with Office Project Server 2007.
  • Initiate projects.
  • Understand the project planning processes.
  • Plan projects through scope and schedule management.
  • Plan projects through staffing management plans.
  • Plan resource assignments for projects.
  • Plan projects through cost, risk, and other planning documents.
  • Execute projects through processes, resources, and deliverables.
  • Execute projects by managing timesheets and personal settings.
  • Monitor and control projects by tracking task and project progress.
  • Monitor and control projects through measuring project performance and reporting progress.
  • Close projects.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office Project Server 2007
Topic 1A: Describing the Enterprise Project Management Context
Topic 1B: Discovering Office Project Server 2007
Topic 1C: Differentiating the Users of Office Project Server 2007
Topic 1D: Working with Office Project Professional 2007 and Office Project Server 2007

Lesson 2: Initiating Projects
Topic 2A: Understanding Initiating Processes
Topic 2B: Differentiating the Initiating Processes in Project Professional 2007 and Project Web Access
Topic 2C: Managing Initiating Processes by Using Project Web Access
Topic 2D: Managing Documents in Office Project Web Access

Lesson 3: Planning Projects - Context and Framework
Topic 3A: Understanding the Project Management Plan
Topic 3B: Differentiating the Office Project Server 2007 Client Software

Lesson 4: Working with Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars
Topic 4A: Entering WBS, Tasks, and Milestones
Topic 4B: Creating the Project Schedule
Topic 4C: Creating Project Deliverables
Topic 4D: Managing Dependencies on Deliverables

Lesson 5: Planning Projects - Staffing Management Plan
Topic 5A: Building a Project Team
Topic 5B: Managing Resource Availability

Lesson 6: Planning Projects - Resource Assignments
Topic 6A: Understanding the Assignment Cycle
Topic 6B: Resolving Resource Overallocation

Lesson 7: Planning Projects--Cost, Risk, and Other Management Plans
Topic 7A: Developing Components of the Cost Management Plan
Topic 7B: Developing Components of the Risk Management Plan
Topic 7C: Linking Planning Documents and Using the Team Discussion Feature

Lesson 8: Executing Projects--Processes, Resources, and Deliverables
Topic 8A: Understanding Executing Processes
Topic 8B: Managing Resources and Deliverables

Lesson 9: Executing Projects--Managing Timesheets and Personal Settings
Topic 9A: Working with Timesheetsbr /> Topic 9B: Reporting Administrative Time
Topic 9C: Configuring Personal Settings

Lesson 10: Monitoring and Controlling Projects--Tracking Task and Project Progress
Topic 10A: Understanding the Monitoring and Controlling Processes
Topic 10B: Working with Task Progress and Updates in Project Web Access
Topic 10C: Working with Task Progress by Using Office Project 2007
Topic 10D: Tracking and Viewing Task Information by Using Outlook 2007

Lesson 11: Monitoring and Controlling Projects--Measuring Performance and Reporting Progress
Topic 11A: Understanding Status Reports
Topic 11B: Reviewing Performance Metrics and Progress Reports

Lesson 12: Closing Projects
Topic 12A: Understanding the Closing Process
Topic 12B: Supporting The Closing Process