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Use your Montgomery GI Bill® Benefits at HyperLearning for IT Programs.

We are approved for Veterans Administration (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, Montgomery GI Bill®, and Survivors and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program (VA Chapter 30, VA chapter 31, and VA Chapter 35).

HyperLearning Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Partner is approved for Accelerated Payment for Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty (Chapter 30) benefits.

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If you are eligible, the MGIB pays for most of your tuition and computer training materials, including tests and retesting, if necessary.. You will need to consult your Veterans Administration Counselor to determine your eligibility - and the method of payment. If you elect traditional education benefits, our night evening and weekend classes are usually eligible for 3/4 time educational benefits. If you elect the " accelerated pay plan, " your benefits will pay 60% of your training and the cost of tests. Day classes almost always make out better by using the 60% accelerated pay plan. Part-time computer training held in the evenings and weekends is eligible for 3/4 time training benefits. Students should consult with their Veterans Administration counselor to determine the best payment plan.

What is Accelerated Payment for MGIB-AD?

An accelerated payment is a lump sum payment of 60% of tuition and fees for certain high tech programs. To qualify, you must be enrolled in a high tech program and you must certify that you intend to seek employment in a high tech industry as defined by VA. Accelerated payment is paid instead of Montgomery GI Bill benefits that you would otherwise receive.

Who qualifies for accelerated payments?

Only individuals eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty (Chapter 30) qualify for accelerated payments.

How do you apply for accelerated payments?

Contact us at HyperLearning Technologies or call any time between 8:00 AM and 8:30 PM. After 5:00 PM, call the Training Consultant line, direct at (757) 651-1117. This direct line is not open until after 5:00 PM. We will help you complete the paperwork you need to get your training VA approved.

How much in GI-Bill® benefits do I get paid for training at HyperLearning Technologies?

HyperLearning Technologies' IT training programs are approved for VA Education Benefits. HyperLearning is a proprietary school and veteran's education benefits are determined by contact hours per week. Since we limit hours to 12 hours per week and have two weeks between courses it is normally better for the veteran to request accelerated pay.

Accelerated pay is for relatively expensive programs of short duration, like most technology programs. The benefit is determined by program's overall cost. It pays 60% of the cost.

You can read up on this at the VA Benefits web site: Call or stop by the training center if you have any questions or you would like to register.

Get College Credit and CEU Credits too!

HyperLearning Technologies and Tidewater Community College ( TCC ) and/or Norfolk State University ( NSU ) have teamed up to provide you with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or college credits (for selected courses) at a small administrative cost to you. These credits can be directly applied toward degree completion programs at TCC, and will be transferable to many other colleges and universities.

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