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Financial assistance is available from state, federal and private funding.

Hyperlearning Technologies recognizes the difficulty in obtaining finances for computer training (or retraining) to get a high-paying job or overcome underemployment limitations. We help you find and obtain financing for computer training and computer certification.

We can even refer you to a bank (if your credit is good, OR if you have a co-signer). Sun Trust Bank has approved our HyperLearning Technologies' computer training for bank financing. Our Training Consultant will provide you with the forms, and send you to the bank loan officer, if you will qualify for bank financing.

After all traditional financial assistance is applied, HyperLearning Technologies will provide a time-payment plan of staggered pre-payments for any un-reimbursed costs. Our objective is to put your training and certification within your reach.

Today there are many training options available for information technology (IT) careers, and the cost of career enhancement and career-change computer training can be a fraction of the salary potential. These resources can help you reach your IT career goals without exceeding your budget. We are NOT, however, a ".edu.", therefore you cannot get "student loans." for courses at Hyperlearning Technologies.

Here are a few special deals offered by Hyperlearning Technologies:

Special Deals

Free or half price tuition offered at Hyperlearning Technologies

Free or half-price tuition

We offer special tuition options for formerly or partly trained computer training students.

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Second chance to pass microsoft computer certification exams

Microsoft Exam Second Shot

Hyperlearing SECOND SHOT is included in all of our Microsoft certification program tracks, at no additional cost.

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