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How much does your computer training cost?

This is one of the most often asked questions that we receive. Most computer training companies do NOT publish their price lists - instead, they refer you to a "sales person." We publish our computer training prices. We are proud of what we deliver for the price that you pay (and we can prove it)!

So, how do you "compare prices." First, you have to know what is in the "basket." Unlike most computer training companies, whose main purpose is just "training," without taking any responsibility for the other half of the equation, HyperLearning Technologies is a COMPUTER TRAINING and CERTIFICATION company. We proudly take responsibility for your certification needs. Our shopping basket has everything you need, to GET CERTIFIED. If you are an old hand at this, you know that it often takes many hundreds of dollars, in addition to the computer training for: Study books; practice tests; and certification exams. At HyperLearning Technologies, when you pay for a COMPUTER TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION program, you get everything you need. It is conceivable that you could take a computer training and certification program from HyperLearning Technologies, and never have to spend an additional dime to walk away TRAINED and CERTIFIED. In a few cases, we do not provide certification exams, but those cases are clearly identified.

We want you to see exactly what you are getting in hard-goods, like Transcender certification practice test CDs, and test vouchers, we split out the cost of "tuition" and the cost of hard-goods. Typically, the price of tuition is a function of the number of hours of exposure in that particular class - but this is not a simple equation. The price per hour goes up, as the level of the training goes up. This is logical, because the cost of the trainers, with the required skills to teach the more advanced courses is higher.

We offer two different pricing structures: "package" pricing, for an entire set of computer training skills and certifications; and "a-la-carte" pricing for individual computer training and certification courses. The package prices are simply the combined cost of all of the programs in the skills package, which is much easier to obtain financing and/or GI Bill benefits for the full package. Our standard set of computer training programs are listed below, both as a-la-carte and as computer training packages. If you do not see a price listed in either price list, please call and discuss your needs, and we will provide you with the price.