Microsoft Office Access

Access Part 1

In the Access Part 1 course students learn the basic operations of the Microsoft Access database program to perform their day-to-day responsibilities. You will learn to identify the basic components of an Access database, build the structure of a database, manage data in tables, query a database, design forms and generate reports.

Access Part 2

Part 2 of the Access series course includes creating databases, tables, and relationships, as well as working with and revising intermediate-level queries, forms, and reports. It also introduces integrating Access data with other applications such as Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  

Access Part 3

In the Access Part 3 course students are introduced to the features of creating an Access databases using existing data structres, writing advanced queries, working with macros, and performing database maintenance. Students will learn to restructure data into appropriate tables to ensure data dependency and minimize redundancy, write advanced queries, create macros, customize reports and maintain a database. 

These courses prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification exams for Microsoft Access.