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The LAN Administrator Server program is a Diploma program designed to provide the student with the computer skills necessary to support an Enterprise as the LAN Administrator in a Windows Server Active Directory environment. The LAN Administrator program begins the first semester with Networking Fundamentals and Security Fundamentals so that the student builds an understanding of Network Infrastructures and Hardware, Protocols and Services, Security Layers, Operating System Security, Network Security, and Security Software. These courses prepare the student for the industry level courses in Computer Networking and Computer and Network Security.

The Second Semester introduces the Windows Operating System before the student immerses into the industry level Windows 10 Operating system courses which include the installing and configuring as well as deploying and managing of the Windows Operating 10 System.

The third and fourth semester introduces the command line utility Powershell, the MTA fundamentals of server administration and the three industry level Windows Server 2012 courses. These courses collectively cover implementing, managing, maintaining and provisioning services and infrastructure in a Windows Server 2012 environment. The administration course covers tasks necessary to maintain a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure such as Implementing Server Images, User and Group management with Active Directory Domain Services and Group Policy, Remote Access, Data Security, and more. The configuring course primarily covers advanced configuration of services necessary to deploy, manage and maintain a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure, such as advanced networking services, Active Directory Domain Services, identity management, rights management, and more.

The LAN Administrator Server program will provide students with the skills that employers seek for their Network Operation Center (NOC) positions, and increasingly require from their existing network administrators