LAN Administrator - Linux

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The LAN Administrator - Linux Program is a Diploma program designed to prepare students for employment in the IT field as a LAN Administrator on the Linux operating system platform.

The program begins with IT Technical Support & Operations courses which ia an entry level IT course and progresses through computer Networking and Computer Security courses. Windows 10 courses are included in the program to obtain proficiency with a client operating system. The knowledge obtained in these courses will be applied in the Unix/Linux courses and labs. Productivity classes in Excel, Visio, Outlook and SharePoint are included to prepare the student for the workplace and complement the learning experience.

The LAN Administrator (Linux) program will provide students with the skills that employers seek for Linux/Unix administrator positions and increasingly require from their existing network administrators. Completing the program with the optional technical certifications will demonstrate a high level of industry-recognized knowledge and expertise in the administration of Enterprise networks, using the Linux Operating System.