Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud

Course 20246 Exam 70-246

This course describes how to monitor and operate a cloud with Microsoft® System Center 2012 R2. This course focuses on how to manage and administer a cloud environment, and it describes how you can monitor key infrastructure elements and applications that run within a cloud. 

Course Length: 41 Hrs

Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud

Course 20247 Exam 70-247

This course equips students with the skills they require to configure and deploy a cloud using Microsoft System Center 2012 R2. Using hands-on labs, students learn the following:

  • Produce a high-level design that accounts for requirements for cloud environments.

  • Configure and deploy the cloud fabric.

  • Configure a PXE server, an update server, and a software update baseline.

  • Configure Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (App-V) so that it can be used to sequence and deploy an application virtually.

  • Build the core components necessary for delivering services on the fabric.

  • Allocate resources to a cloud and grant access to a cloud.

  • Understand how to monitor clouds using Operations Manager.

  • Understand the tools necessary to extend and customize Operations Manager for cloud environments.

  • Set up, configure, and integrate the core components of Service Manager into a cloud fabric.

  • Configure a service catalog, and then publish it to the Self-Service Portal.

  • Gain the knowledge necessary to deploy and configure Data Protection Manager in a cloud.

  • Deploy and configure Orchestrator in a cloud, and then integrate it with other System Center components.

Course Length: 41 Hrs

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