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DoD 8140

What is DoD 8140?

On August 11, 2015 representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) signed the 8140 DoD directive. 8140 replaces the 8570 directive, which directed all DoD personnel and their contractors to be certified in their respective fields.

8140 is more flexible and inclusive. Unlike, 8570, 8140 has the

ability to include the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and other approaches. The NICE framework was created independent of the 8570 initiative. NICE identifies critical knowledge, skills and abilities for critical job roles. It also emphasizes hands-on experience and training

Military training, academic degree programs, commercial certifications, foundational cybersecurity training and education, and credentials can now be used to demonstrate required knowledge and skill sets.

HyperLearning can get you Certified

Commercial certification is still required for those Cyber IT/CSWF members who have not met the credentialing requirement via formal military training or academic degrees. The use of cybersecurity certifications remains a viable, and sometimes the only, option for personnel to demonstrate attainment of the level of cybersecurity education and training needed to qualify within their designated Specialty Area (SA).


The Navy credentialing Office (Navy COOL) has developed a Navy qualifications matrix in an interactive format. The matrix is online at Navy Cool. See how the approved methods of qualification have been expanded and the mapping and integration of certification exams. This is a great resource for plotting out your education and certification training programs.

Get CEU's at HyperLearning

The new 8140 Directive requires 40 hours of Continuing Education in the Cybersecurity area each year so as to keep your skills current. These hours may be applied towards your certification credentialing body’s CEU requirements.

Attending a course at HyperLearning qualifies you for CEUs.

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